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The situation on the market forces companies, including foundries, to change their production processes for the production of more and more demanding castings, ensuring higher and higher customer requirements and meeting environmental requirements. These changes go hand in hand with the new idea which is Industry 4.0.

Therefore, the next conference accompanying the Polish Foundryman’s Day 2021 entitled “The Foundry of the Future “ was devoted to the latest Technologies, Materials and Machines to improve the process, gain a competitive advantage and meet the ever-increasing market demands.
Papers will be presented by Polish and foreign authors – representatives of industry and research and development units. The conference was conducted in Polish and English (simultaneous translation).

This year’s Polish Foundryman’s Day was joined with the 85th anniversary of the Polish Foundrymen’s Association.

Due to the epidemic situation, the conference was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and taking into account the applicable regulations. The conference was a hybrid event. During the event, papers were presented by Polish and foreign authors – representatives of industry and research and development units. The conference was conducted in Polish and English.

Many guests took part in the official part of the celebration:

JOSE JAVIER GONZALES – Elect General Secretary of the World Foundry Organization

MIRIAM JAN BLAZIC – President of the Slovenian Foundrymen Society

JUHANI ORKAS – General Secretary of the Association of Finnish Foundry Industry

ANDRZEJ RYBA – President of the Foundry Chamber of Commerce

RAFAŁ DAŃKO – Vice-rector of AGH

MARCIN GÓRNY – Dean of the Faculty of Foundry Engineering AGH

MACIEJ ASŁANOWICZ – Honorary President of Polish Foundrymen’s Association

JOANNA KUCHARSKA – Director of the MTP Products Group

ANNA LEMAŃSKA-KRAMER – Director of ITM Industry Europe

PIOTR PAWELEC – Project Director of the Metal Fair

Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation made it impossible for some guests to participate directly in the ceremony and therefore their participation was possible remotely:

EWA MAŃKIEWICZ CUDNY – President of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT

ANDREW TURNER – General Secretary of the World Foundry Organization

CARSTEN KUHLGATZA – Member of the Supervisory Board of HA Group and President of the World Foundry Organization in 2022-2024

THOMAS FRITSCH – CEO of the Foundry Planet Portal

ION ALEXANDRU BACANU – Global Product Director HA Group and Vice President of Romanian Foundry Technical  Association

ZBIGNIEW RONDUDA – President of Odlewnie Polskie SA

WOJCIECH DROŻDŻ – Deputy Director for Commercialization Łukasiewicz Research Network – Kraków Institute of Technology

During the official part of the National Foundry Day, an award was awarded in the Cast of the Year competition – 2020 edition. The award went to Odlewnia Silum Sp. z o.o., in the light-alloy pressure casting category, for car front zone strut for the Mercedes Benz AMG. The award was funded by the Poznań International Fair.


Diplomas were awarded to new STOP Supporting Members, including Cast Metal Andrzej Fidler, “CHEMAR” SA, Diamant Metallplastic Polska, SKB Drive Tech SA, Veolia Water Technologies Sp. z o.o.

In the conference part, 9 papers were presented, including two remotely. List of papers in the Program tab.



We would like to mention that the Polish Foundryman’s Day, the most important foundry event in Poland, it has also become an important meeting place of foundry representatives of the international arena. The importance of the event is evidenced not only by the statistics but also the fact that the Polish Foundryman’s Day and the accompanying conference is organized under the patronage of World Foundry Organization and Media Patronage of Foundry Planet –the foundry portal known all around the world. This year more than 250 participants took part in the event.