Conference information

We would like to mention that the Polish Foundryman’s Day, the most important foundry event in Poland, it has also become an important meeting place of foundry representatives of the international arena.
The importance of the event is evidenced not only by the statistics but also the fact that the Polish Foundryman’s Day and the accompanying conference is organized under the patronage of World Foundry Organization and Media Patronage of Foundry Planet –the foundry portal known all around the world. This year more than 230 participants took part in the event.

The Polish Foundryman’s Day was combined with a technical conference entitled “Challenges for the foundry industry”. The foundry industry, as an energy-intensive industry, faces many challenges. High prices of raw materials and energy, finding the right workforce and modernization of machines are some of the basic challenges faced by this industry. Meeting these challenges is necessary to ensure the competitive advantage of enterprises in global markets.

The subject of the conference was devoted mainly to the possibilities of modernization and innovation of solutions for reducing energy consumption, digitization, changes in production processes for the production of more and more demanding castings and the implementation of the idea of Industry 4.0.

During the conference 13 papers were presented. Companies such as Luneos, Exone or Nega Energy and representatives of research centers from Poland presented their solutions.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition of 17 companies.

During the official opening of the conference, Honorary STOP Badges and the Casting of the Year Award – 2021 edition were awarded to Odlewnia Silum Sp. z o. o.

The guest of the ceremony was Andrew Turner – Executive Secretary, World Foundry Organization, whom the STOP thanked for long-term cooperation and support.